Appreciation Post – Mother’s Day Edition

As everyone is well aware, Mother’s Day just passed. My social media was filled with loving posts dedicated to celebrating all the Mom’s out there. Normally, I post a little paragraph saying how much I love my mother and my step mother. However, this year I want to really show them how much they mean to me. Here are my open letters to two of the world’s best mothers.

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10 Goals for May

May has arrived everyone. Summer is on it’s way and my trip to Cancun is next month! I’m so excited. To be honest I’ve come to love my “Monthly Goals” posts. They are by far my favorite ones because they really do help me to achieve my goals. By sharing them with you guys, it gives me more incentive to complete them. Drumroll please….here are this month’s goals!

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Goodbye April

The month’s just keep passing by. It’s already going to be May, can you believe that? As crazy as it is, let’s take a moment to reflect. April has given us warmer temperatures, record breaking movies and so much more. As usual, here is my recap on the month.

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Surviving a Toxic Relationship – Story Time

This blog post is going to be different than what I normally talk about. It’s actually something that I wrote three month’s ago, but was too chicken to publish. In all honesty, I’m nervous. I’ve experienced some pretty toxic relationships at an unfortunately early age. For the most part, I’ve only shared some of those stories with people close to me. However, I am willing to challenge myself. Continue reading and I will share one of my most vulnerable stories with you.

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10 Goals for April

Yay, it’s April! Spring is here and the warmer weather is just right around the corner for most people! Honestly, I believe the best way to start out a month is with a list of goals. Especially because when you write your goals down they increase your commitment to them. Time for me to commit and share what they are!

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What Happened to March?

This year feels like it is zooming by! I can’t believe March is already over, April is literally next week! Honestly, I feel like I made my 10 Goals for March post only a couple days ago. Oh well, time for a recap of this Month!

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How I Got My Pet – Story Time!

I have mentioned several times on this blog how much I LOVE my cat, Sir. I couldn’t imagine not having him and I expect to live a long happy life together. But today, I’m excited to share with you how my fur baby and I crossed paths!

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging – 6 Months In

When I decided to make this blog it was honestly off of a whim. I wanted to give myself some feeling of purpose. All I was doing was working and paying bills, that cycle was slowly killing me. But there were two things I knew for certain: I loved to write & I wanted my thoughts to be heard.

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10 Goals for March

Lately, I have been feeling a bit down about my life and where it’s headed. This feeling comes about 3-5 times a year. I have found the best way to conquer that feeling is to start setting short term goals for myself. So let’s kick off this month by setting some!

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A Letter to Myself

To the girl who can’t find her footing.

I see you, even with that proud look on your face.

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