10 Goals for May

May has arrived everyone. Summer is on it’s way and my trip to Cancun is next month! I’m so excited. To be honest I’ve come to love my “Monthly Goals” posts. They are by far my favorite ones because they really do help me to achieve my goals. By sharing them with you guys, it gives me more incentive to complete them. Drumroll please….here are this month’s goals!

Finish Reading “Supermarket”

This goal is at the top of the list because it’s a spill over from last month’s goals. I’m really planning to finish the book earlier in the month. (Hopefully by the end of next week.) It has been a long time since I read a full book, so I’ll really need to discipline myself and stick to a reading schedule. Technically speaking, it will only take me around 4 hours to finish it. Easy peasy!

Car Maintenance & Cleaning

I am due for an oil change this month and I figured I would put it on this list to make sure I do it. I’m also really bad about taking my car to the car wash. It’s a silver car, even when it gets dirty I can’t really tell. But it’s definitely past due for one. My boyfriend will thank me once I do it, haha.

Complete my FAFSA

As you might know, I recently began the process to enroll in school. That goal was something I put off for longer than I should have, but now that I finally got the ball rolling, I have to figure out how I am going to pay for it. The FAFSA will help me out tremendously and might cover almost all of the cost. I just have to fill it out! Simple enough, I recently got my logins changed so I should be fine. Now I just need to input my Dad and I’s tax information.

Complete my Enrollment

This is pretty related to the previous goal, but I promise it’s different! I have a new student orientation that I have to go to on May 15th. Basically I get introduced to all things college, get a tour of the campus and meet with an academic adviser to actually enroll in the courses. I have no doubt that I will complete this, but it is something I would consider a goal.

Get a New Phone

I have had the same phone for about 2 years and it is pretty outdated. It’s an iPhone SE, for those of you thinking “That doesn’t exist.” You are wrong! It’s the same size as an iPhone 4 and has a similar processor to the iPhone 6. It’s kind of like the old school iPhone XR. Speaking of, that’s the phone I am looking to get. I will be adding it onto the phone plan I have and financing it for the next two years. I’m really excited to update!

Prepare for Boyfriend’s Birthday (Gifts, Plans, etc)

My boyfriend’s birthday is on May 30th and he has no clue what he wants to do. I asked if he wanted to go out, go to dinner, what he wanted, etc and he gave me literal silence! So I will have to plan everything, which is fine, but I really want to make it special. I’m actually more stoked for his birthday than he is, but watch! He’ll love whatever I plan and I’ll be nominated girlfriend of the year….or something like that.

Buy a Swimsuit & 1 Outfit for Cancun

I do not have a good swimsuit currently. I haven’t bought a new one in a couple years if I’m being honest. I’m also a plus size girl so I am very picky about the kind of swim wear I buy. I like them a certain way and it can be tough finding one that is just right. As I mentioned I leave for Cancun next month, so I definitely need a swimsuit and I would like to have a summery outfit as well.

Draft 3 Blog Posts

I really need to be better about drafting blog posts. I would like to have a better backlog of posts that I can share so that I am able to produce better content in general. This all goes back to following my blogging planner, yes, I may have slipped on using it. I got a little lazy and now I am feeling the effects, but I plan to get back on track and start by writing up 3 full blog posts that I have no intention of posting until later on.

Call About My Car Window

Earlier last month my boyfriend pointed out that a small specialty window on my car had cracked. It looks like a rock or something punctured it and cracked the remaining window. Since it’s not a regular windshield or anything I’ll have to reach out to my insurance to get a recommendation on how to fix it. I’m sure I will have to go through the dealership, but I just need to know what my options are.

Reach 1,400 Views

Last month I reached a goal that I thought was going to be impossible! It sounds so small, but it meant a lot. I finally hit 1,200 views for the month. This month I plan to up it to 1,400 views. Again, I feel like that’s a reach. But I am feeling a little bit more confident knowing that I thought the same thing last month and I was wrong! I feel like I have some pretty low goals for traffic to my blog, but in all honesty, I don’t care. It’s what makes me happy at this point and time.

I am very determined to accomplish all of these goals and I hope that this inspires you to make some of your own. The month is just beginning, write them down and get going!

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What are some of your goals this month?

What’s a good gift idea?

What other books can you recommend?

Are goals important?

29 thoughts on “10 Goals for May

  1. You have some awesome plans! Getting enrolled in school is amazing, and so stressful! I remember getting all signed up but it felt so good once i actually started.


  2. DRAFT 3 blog posts, I need to do that! There is so much that comes before drafting our own posts. we need to get in on our own posts.


  3. This is really nice. I feel like you’ll keep on track when you plan things that you need to do every month. Which I think I should be doing aside from always work. Lol. Thanks for sharing this!


  4. Oh wow, Love your monthly goals. I think I should start planning my own. It could help me so much to be a better person.


  5. My goal is to grow my list by at least 100 subscribers. This means posting consistently and marketing effectively.


  6. I just finished reading “Perfect Peace”, a novel by Daniel Black. When I say this book was not only heart wrenching, it was clever and fresh, unlike any book I’ve ever read and I read a lot of books. I want to tackle Imbolo Mbue’s, “Behold the Dreamers” next.


  7. Your goals are wonderful! I absolutely love making goals, too! I want to continue to grow my blog while keeping up my studies and remaining active! Best of luck to you, I’m sure you can achieve them all and more!


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