Goodbye April

The month’s just keep passing by. It’s already going to be May, can you believe that? As crazy as it is, let’s take a moment to reflect. April has given us warmer temperatures, record breaking movies and so much more. As usual, here is my recap on the month.

At the beginning of every month I make a list of 10 goals that I expect to complete by the end of the month. Some are simple and some take a little bit more effort, but it really helps me reflect on my productivity. Here is how I did.

Goal Update

  1. Buy Makeup Basics – I was able to get the following items: a beauty blender, primer, concealer, bronzer, baking powder and setting spray. I was unable to buy foundation, and contour.
  2. Do Laundry Once a Week – I ended up doing laundry once every two weeks. I know, I know. SHAME.
  3. Fix My Headlight – So, it turns out that there was actually just a loose wire that caused my headlight to be off. I messed with it a little and it hasn’t given me any problems. Yay!
  4. Read a Book – The book that I purchased was Supermarket by Bobby Hall (otherwise known as Logic.) So far, the book is actually really good. I have not finished it yet, but I’m working on it!
  5. Return Some Clothing – Yeah…I ended up not doing that. I’m not even mad about it.
  6. Get a Gym Membership – I did not do this one. Hehe. Whoops.
  7. Prep & Mail Mother’s Day Gift – I purchased my mother’s gift and my step mother’s gift as well! Success!
  8. Reach 1,200 Views – At the moment, I have 1,144 views for the month. I am so close to 1,200 and I am hopeful that by tonight I will have reached my goal!
  9. Meet with an Academic Adviser – After two months….I finally did this!! I have new student orientation in less than 2 weeks. Sweet!
  10. Make 2 New Home Cooked Meals – So, yes and no? I made a dish that my step father makes. It’s steak and rice mixed in with gravy. Mmmm, it’s so good. Another meal I have, but have not made yet is French Dip. It’s a sandwich with prime rib and provolone dipped in au jus sauce.

Fashion Update

Unlike last month, I did not update my wardrobe as much. I did, however, purchase a new purse. I am not a huge fan of big purses but I do need something to carry my things. I got this nice Tommy Hilfiger handbag and it has been great so far! It holds everything I need it to and it is also very fashion forward.

What Have I Been Watching

Osmosis (<— Trailer)

Osmosis is the name of a dating app that was created to help people find their perfect match. It is supposed to have 100% accuracy, you just have a chip inserted into your body and it will delve into your brain to find a suitable match. I actually really enjoyed this show, it reminded me of Black Mirror. It is on Netflix and is entirely in French. So yes, you’ll have to use subtitles. It’s worth it.

Black Summer (<— Trailer)

I was really excited for this show to come out. I like watching all things zombie and this one promised to be amazing. You are introduced to the main characters separately and then they slowly merge into one story line. I was not impressed, to say the least. Unlike shows like The Walking Dead, this one seems to center around what a realistic zombie apocalypse would be like. Guns would be really hard to come by, most people would run instead of fight and taking out a zombie would be much harder. It’s a little boring and honestly the ending was weak.

Us (<— Trailer)

I loved this movie. We follow a family of four on their summer vacation, the main character had a very traumatic experience as a girl and she fears something bad will happen. Suddenly copies of herself and her family threaten them. It ends up having a pretty in depth meaning and the plot twist is genuinely surprising. I would 10/10 recommend this movie. It’s a great thriller.

On My BlockSeason 2 (<—Trailer/s)

I loved this show when it came out on Netflix last year. It’s such a fun story that follows four street-smart friends. They try to navigate their way through high school, get their friend out of a gang and even touches on high school romance. It’s definitely a show targeted towards teens, but I enjoyed the authenticity of it. It’s not a typical coming of age story, but definitely worth the watch.

Dessert Flippers (<— Trailer)

This show is pretty popular on HGTV. A husband and wife buy homes in California and flip them to receive a profit. They take you through the whole process of buying the home, remodeling it, designing the house to sell and a breakdown of their profits. It’s definitely been a favorite of mine because it touches on design and remodeling, I like to see that stuff. I can also put it on and not have to pay a ton of attention to it. So, bonus!

All American (<— Trailer)

My boyfriend showed me this one, and I really loved it. You follow a high school football player that is incredibly talented. He grew up in Crenshaw and is offered a chance to play at an elite high school in Beverly Hills. It’s a great family drama that is based on a true story. I really like all of the social issues it touches on as well, definitely worth the watch. I can’t wait for season 2.

Game of Thrones (<— Trailer)

Okay, I know this show has been out for a while but I never watched it until now. So far I’m on Season 3 after just a couple of days. It’s truly addicting. If you don’t know what this show is about, it is centered around what is called The Seven Kingdoms. There is nothing but plotting, murders, sexual desires and even dragons. For the most part, it’s a battle for the Iron Throne and wow, the show is incredible.

What Have I Been Listening To

Posts Made This Month

  1. All Men Are Dogs; Gospel According to a Narcissist – Guest Post by Ren Gharu
  2. 10 Goals for April
  3. 7 Painful Signs You’re Growing Apart
  4. The Brutal Truth About Personality Tests
  5. 7 Easy & Unique Gift Baskets for Mother’s Day
  6. 8 Myths About Introverts That You Should Stop Believing
  7. 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Self Esteem & Confidence
  8. Surviving a Toxic Relationship – Story Time

Honorable Mentions

This is actually a sad honorable mention. My cat, Sir, went missing a little over a week ago. It has been really hard because he’s my entire world and I love him to death. So far, I have gotten a few leads. Unfortunately, they are not too positive. I am still remaining hopeful. I have posted flyers reaching a couple blocks in each direction of my home, I’ve registered him with Lost Cats of Arizona, Next Door, Local Shelters as well as a few Facebook groups. Shout out to you my little fur baby. I hope you come home to me safe. ❀

That’s all I have to recap for the month of April. I am hoping that the year is treating you well, and if it isn’t, then I hope next month you kick ass!

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What was your favorite part about April?

What music did you listen to this month?

What shows & movies did you watch?

What were your goals? Did you achieve them?

24 thoughts on “Goodbye April

  1. Wow, congratulations on reaching over 1.1k views. Hopefully you will pass the 1.2k really soon! And all the best in achieving the other goals too. πŸ™‚ ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla


  2. Way to go! Your April was indeed fruitful! I love that you exposed yourself to more learning too. This month, I’m with you when it comes to updating my skincare products. Need some new set for this season since it’s cold and rainy over here.


  3. Brie! I love your April goals, we have a few in common. I love reading too and I just read same book as you purchased πŸ™‚


  4. I love your idea of setting monthly goals that can change your lifestyle for the better. You are truly an inspiration and glad that you were able to do each goal.


  5. I’m very bad about making goals but your list seems doable so you have inspired me. And congrats you reach 1,144 views it was really close! great job!


  6. I like your idea of setting measurable goals and evaluating how far you’ve come to achieve them at the end of the month. It is something I always plan on but never seem to get to doing it.

    PS: I have never watched an episode of GOT!


  7. It’s inspiring to see you’ve up to 50% of your gols ticked. Good luck in May and happy a bright month ahead


  8. March was a huge month for me. I was feeling a little disappointed with April, but the truth is I really did make some significant gains so I can’t be upset that not everything month was a monster. I didn’t watch a ton of new tv or movies, but I’m looking forward to Dead to Me on Netflix in May.


  9. It’s great that you also mentioned the things that you weren’t able to accomplish. List of goals are just guides to motivate us. 😊


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