Surviving a Toxic Relationship – Story Time

This blog post is going to be different than what I normally talk about. It’s actually something that I wrote three month’s ago, but was too chicken to publish. In all honesty, I’m nervous. I’ve experienced some pretty toxic relationships at an unfortunately early age. For the most part, I’ve only shared some of those stories with people close to me. However, I am willing to challenge myself. Continue reading and I will share one of my most vulnerable stories with you.

The Illusion of Perfection

When I met you I was ready to feel loved again. I had survived a 2 year long recovery from the narcissistic hands of love and I knew this time, it would be different. You had made mistakes in your past relationship, but you were growing from them. After all, who hasn’t made a mistake or two while being in love. I decided not to let that define you and love who you were now. We were..

Soon, your dogs knew me by my scent and your family adored me. But while the future looked so bright, my friends kept saying “You’re doing it again.” They insisted that I was falling prey to another unhealthy relationship, and I feared that relapsing would destroy me for good. I walked away. Then when my friends turned out to not really be my friends, I came back to you. We were..

Sometimes, I could taste the doubt on your tongue, the doubt that I would really stay this time. I wanted to prove to you that I would stay and be dedicated to us. But then you wanted to move in with me and when I had doubts you labeled me as a cheater. You painted me into a monster, reaching into the past and shouting that I HAD LEFT YOU BEFORE. I could feel the hands of your heart tightening around my throat and this time I couldn’t breathe. I knew this pain and I knew the signs, so I forced you out. After all, I knew better. And even still, within a month I let you back into my heart and we were living together. We were..

The first time you lied to me was when I confronted you about sleeping with a friend of mine. You said no and I chose to believe you because you hadn’t lied to me before. But one night at dinner, I told you I loved you and that I was so happy to have someone like you. I was feeling strong about our relationship and I wanted you to know I had complete faith in us. You must have felt guilty because suddenly you said “I have something to tell you…” My heart broke. I understood that we were on a break when it happened, but that’s not what hurt me. What hurt me was that you lied. We were..

You lost your job, and you struggled to find a new one. But I was there for you, I supported us. I took on the bills, the groceries and I got a second job so that you would feel supported. But one weekend, I went out of town with a work group. I called and texted you both days, but even that didn’t settle your insecurity about me cheating. I figured as long as I was faithful and truthful, I had nothing to worry about. But when I got back, I saw messages on your phone to another girl. You asked her for nudes and in the midst of my anger, I couldn’t believe you defended your action by saying “It’s not a big deal.” We were..

I left again to visit my mother in Colorado, and you chose not to join me. I was happy to finally get a break because home was where I was pinched for cash. Home was where you stayed up all night playing video games and I fell asleep alone. Home was where dirty dishes and unmade dinners were. Home was where I was told that I wasn’t doing enough because I wasn’t as eager to have sex anymore. Somehow, everything was my fault. We were..

When I came back, I continued to struggle financially and emotionally. With only one check supporting two people for 6 months, it starts to run dry. You kept assuring me that you would get a job, but I knew the truth. You weren’t filling out nearly enough applications, you were too concerned with telling your ex you loved her. Too busy sending pictures back and forth calling each other babe and saying that you missed each other. I had had ENOUGH. We were..

So I left you.

For someone who was so paranoid of being left alone, you sucked up most of the perfection in our relationship and replaced it with 1,000 lb shackles. Looking back, you were too weak to share that burden. You could never hold them like I did. I got stronger while you merely sunk into the arms that damaged you in the first place. I found myself again, while you found emptiness in a false love. I regained the confidence of the Amazons while you became nothing but someone who sits in a small room, behind an even smaller screen that hides just how SMALL your worth is.

I am 99% perfect because you have nothing to do with it.

I know that many people experience hardships within their relationships. My story is not uncommon and I’ve heard far too many just like it. Do not stay in a relationship because you think it’s perfect enough. You will realize, like I did, that you are more perfect without it.

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Have you ever been in a toxic relationship?

What did you learn after leaving a bad relationship?

How do you know if you’re in an unhealthy relationship?

What advice would you give to someone who is in a bad relationship?

32 thoughts on “Surviving a Toxic Relationship – Story Time

  1. I am thankful I have never been into sick toxic relationship. I truly believe it is only proper to avoid and have a lot of self respect.


  2. First, I just want to say thank you for posting this I know it must’ve been very difficult for you. Unfortunately, I know what it feels like to be in a toxic relationship. Everything is always your fault and you feel so drained because you’re constantly trying to make that person feel loved. I’m so happy to hear that you walked away. It’s never easy, but I love the fact that you loved yourself enough to leave. You’re amazing and that person was never good enough for you! Thank you again for sharing your story and your strength with us!


  3. I also have been in a toxic relationship in which I remember really gave me some serious health issues, I love the fact that u took your time to elaborate on it in percentage, I must say that there is much to learn from this


  4. A toxic relationship drains the life from you, damages your self-esteem, or kills your dreams. … You leave your needs, emotions, and personal stories at home because your relationship is always about the other person and their wants, needs, and feelings. I had been in one once upon a time and till date, I have an inferiority complex.


  5. It’s never too late to realize those bad relationships that overwhelm us and say no more about all that. It’s better late than never!


  6. It’s tough to leave a relationship, especially if you feel it’s any percent perfect. But I’m glad you decided to end it. It sounds like home and your relationship stopped being a place of comfort and support. I’d remind others in similar situations to examine how relationships make them feel when they step away. Are they excited to go back home or does it feel like a chore?


  7. I grew up in a toxic home and it resulted in me being a toxic person. I didn’t trust anyone, not even my feelings. I’ve never cheated on anyone, but I started unnecessary arguments. It took me a little longer to grow up. I married my college sweetheart and we’ve been together for almost 11 years. We’re not the happiest people in the world, but we’re probably at an 85% perfect level. We both have our grumpy days, but we also know that we have to sometimes work on our communication.

    I know my story is a little different because it took me leaving a toxic environment to relearn how people behave in relationships and I was able to change. Some people can’t or more likely, won’t.


  8. This is such an important topic for being open and honest in a relationship. Sometimes homes can be super toxic and making sure to be able to talk things out is so important.


  9. This is such a beautiful message. You don’t need anyone to “complete” you, you are whole just the way you are. Toxic relationships are easy to get into, but hard to get out off.


  10. I’ve never been in a toxic relationship before but the best thing to do when you’re in a toxic relationship is let go and take a break great advice.


  11. I am glad never get toxic of relationship before married. When i meet my wife for the first time, i just say to her that i wanna married her. So I have toxic relationship after married and that so beautiful.


  12. Toxic relationships can be so draining in so very different aspects. I know I had one and it had some ups and downs, but mostly it had downs. It’s great you were able to get out for your own sake.


  13. I struggled with a lot of the same thoughts at the beginning of my relationship but over time things became easier. Self-care and self-love was the best way to build healthier relationships in my life.


  14. This is an amazing story and reflection upon your relationship. You are so strong for being so vulnerable (I know it’s scary)! You should be very proud of what you have learned from this situation and for sharing it with others!


  15. Yes I was. But I realized almost immediately. And when I began feeling this or that wasn’t right I kick that person out of my life. In fact there were two toxic person in my life and I just kicked them out. I’m not afraid of being alone. That helps a lot. Great post!


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