The Brutal Truth About Personality Tests

I decided to take 5 different personality tests that are based on the Meyers-Briggs Theory. According to that theory, there are 16 different types of personalities and we all fit into one of them. Finally, I know the truth about these tests! Here are my shocking results.

How It All Started

The other day I was reading a Success Guide from a blog called Millennial Bliss, and one of the tips to be successful was to “Know Yourself.” In order to do so, I was advised to take a personality test. After I did, I was amazed at how accurate it was. Everything from my strengths, weakness, relationships, workplace habits and more was spot on!

I decided to send it to my close friends and my boyfriend so that they could all take the test too. Then my boyfriend called the whole idea of it bogus, so of course that meant I had to prove whether it was or wasn’t. What better way to do it than with tests that use the Meyers-Briggs theory.

What the heck is the Myers-Briggs Theory (MBTI)?

The MBTI was constructed by a mother (Katharine Cook Briggs) and daughter (Isabel Briggs Myers). They believe that there are 4 pairs of preferences, also known as dichotomies, that rule different sections of our lives. Within each pair people often prefer one over the other. The pairs are as follows.

The 4 Dichotomies

How Does It Work?

The 16 personality types are comprised as a four letter combination, depending on which option you prefer for each category. For example, a personality type you might see is ESTP. Now lets break down what that means by letter, starting at the beginning. That means this person is more of an extrovert (E), they receive information better when it is concrete details (S), they make decisions with their head (T), and they are people who prefer to live spontaneously (P).

One thing I really like about the test is that no two personality types are exactly the same. For example, let’s say you have two INFJ people. One of them could be 56% Intovert, 68% Intuitive, 80% Feeler and 75% Judger. Yes, that’s right, even if you lean towards one side, there are variations on how much you actually identify with each trait.

My Promise to You

I’m obviously pretty sold on the whole system, so you know I have a bit of a bias. However, as I take these other tests I am committed to being as truthful with my answers as possible. To do that, I took each test twice during different times to ENSURE I am providing the most accurate comparison I can. Let’s get into it!

My Original Results – 16 Personalities

I was immediately identified as an INFP personality. At a glance, this told me that I am an introvert (I), I value creativity to solve a problem (N), I think with my heart (F) and I live spontaneously (P). I agree with about 75% of this personality type. The only part I disagreed with was the “living spontaneously” part, mainly because I tend to be more of a structured person when it comes to my life. However, when it came to the entire break down I was pretty sold with how it described me.

This specific site is one of the most popular personality tests out there. According to their site, it says that 178,099,128 tests have been taken so far. Their Theory & Research is pretty in depth as well.

Second Test Results – Jung Typology Test™

When I took this test I got the same result both times I took it. INFJ. This one is very familiar to the other type but there are some differences. Instead of going with the flow of life, it says that I am someone who wants everything to fit into place perfectly. Which is true a lot of the times. It was interesting to see how I related to this one.

The questions for this test were fairly vague and way different than the first one I took. I honestly thought that it was going to give me a pretty crappy result, but it matched me pretty close to my first one.

Third Test Results – Truity

Based on the percentages given, I have clearly been identified as an INFJ. As you can tell by the picture, not only did it say INFJ was a good match, but it also said ISFJ & INFP could be close matches. I can see why it would give me some different results since Sensing & Intuition were only off by 8% and Perceiving & Judging were off by 10%.

I found this test to be the most enlightening. Mainly because it gave me a couple different answers. I hadn’t even considered I would be an ISFJ type until I took this.

Fourth Test Results – My Personality Test

I really didn’t know what to expect from this test result. Surprise! Another INFJ result. However, on this test the difference between Judging and Perceiving was much closer than on the last one. There is only a 14% difference whereas the last one there was a 38% difference

This test had a really nice layout, in my opinion. The questions were also pretty solid. I tend to be someone who looks to much into the questions but I did it far less on this one than the others.

Fifth Test Results – Open Psycho Metrics

Here, we can clearly see that I was given an ISFJ personality type. This is similar to what I was given from the Truity test results. But this result shows that I am pretty in the middle between be a Sensing type and an Intuition type.

I really enjoyed the questions for this test, they seemed really different from some of the other tests. Yes, some questions are similar but I felt like they did a good job of not being like every other test out there.

Final Thoughts

Throughout all of these tests I received INFP on 1/5 tests, ISFJ on 1/5 tests and INFJ on 3/5 tests. In knowing that, I am certain about three things; that I am more introverted (I) , I often think with my heart (F), and I prefer to live a more structured life by planning out what I do (J). When it comes to how I receive information it is pretty in the middle. While I tend to side with using intuition, it is only by a small percentage. On 3 out of 5 tests the difference was 8% or less from being neutral between Sensing & Intuition.

I can honestly say that I feel like all of these tests provide fairly accurate results. As long as you are honest with yourself about who you are, you should have fairly consistent answers across the board. Of course you will find a little similarity with other types like I did, but I’d say you’ll get a pretty accurate result about 80% of the time.

This whole process was so much fun! But now it’s your turn to take the test. I highly recommend 16 Personalities but feel free to try all of them & let me know what personality type you got down below!

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What’s your opinion on personality tests?

Was your personality result accurate?

Is the Meyer’s-Briggs theory bogus or actual?

Do you think it’s better to know your personality type than to not know?

41 thoughts on “The Brutal Truth About Personality Tests

  1. LOL… good post although I don’t believe any of it because I’m what I’m… I know myself, I know what is my advantage and disadvantage, positive and negative. Anyway, it’s good for a laugh though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t really believe in personality tests, especially because people do change several times during their lifetime, and their personality modifies as well. Someone who was once very shy and introvert can become a great public speaker in the future for example. So I don’t think they are accurate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree to an extent. I don’t believe this personality test means I am an infj for life, but maybe for this time in my life. It will change of course, but overall it does describe who I am NOW. Thanks for reading!


  3. So, we actually are made to take the Myers-Briggs while in the military. It is super important because you have to learn to get along with people of all different backgrounds and upbringings.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I used to work for a business years ago that paid a ton of money to have a group come in and test us like this… I wasn’t shocked with my results. They were pretty spot on. I was shocked at the amount of money our company paid to administer the test! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s so funny, the Meyers Brigg test seems to be a hot topic lately. I’ve been seeing so many people talk about it in one of my FB groups. I have yet to take the test, but I like the idea of trying to different ones to see which traits resonate across all of them.

    Liked by 1 person

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