What Happened to March?

This year feels like it is zooming by! I can’t believe March is already over, April is literally next week! Honestly, I feel like I made my 10 Goals for March post only a couple days ago. Oh well, time for a recap of this Month!

It seems only fitting that I start this post by reflecting on the goals I set for myself earlier in the month. They were fairly short term goals and they were meant to give me a little boost. So, did I meet them? Here they are and the results.

Goal Update

  1. Buy my cat a collar – I did not buy him a collar…whoops! It honestly slipped my mind. But then again, I have a day or two to do it.
  2. File for a passport – Yes! I filed for it with 13 weeks to spare. Boy, that was a bit of a stressful process if I’m being honest.
  3. Complete 10 days of my Morning Routine – Accomplished! However, I got sick for a week and fell off the challenge. But I still wake up at 5:00am from time to time.
  4. Spend less on eating out – I did! Somehow someway, I spent less on eating out. Now originally the goal was to spend $150 less, but it came down to a little under $100 less. I’ll take it!
  5. Enroll for school – Ah, yes. I have not been able to see an advisor yet. I know…SHAME. But I’m pushing for next month.
  6. Learn how to use Pinterest – I did!!!! Oh my god, finally. I have a Pinterest all set up and I’m so excited! (I’ll embed my page on here so you can follow)
  7. Draft 15 Blog Post – Yup, I did it! I have 15 great ideas with a few notes on them. They aren’t 100% complete just yet but definitely close to it!
  8. Learn some SEO – I have only watched a couple videos on this, and man can it be complicated. It is always changing and it will definitely take some fine tuning on my end.
  9. Reach 1,000 views -. So as of right now I have 892 views and I have been averaging a little over 100 views per post. So I’m right on track to hit 1,000 by March 31st! Yay!!!!!
  10. Buy a Camera – So, I’ll be honest guys. I got a ticket earlier in this month and it looks like I’ll have to wait longer to get a camera. Boo!

Follow My Pinterest!

Fashion Update

I stumbled upon JustFab a few months ago and it has been a really great clothing service for me to turn to. Plus, they an amazing plus size section. Here’s what I got!

  1. Crafty Carrier Clutch
  2. Sunrise Aviator Sunglasses
  3. Blocked Beauty Heeled Sandal
  4. Jalisah Heeled Sandal
  5. Stacked & Strapped Block Heel Sandal
  6. Addisen Low Block Heeled Sandal
  7. Open Shoulder Dress
  8. Key Hole Shirred Front Dress

What Have I Been Watching


This show follows six kids who all work together to raise themselves. They have a selfish alcoholic father and a loony drug addict mother and their life is completely unpredictable. While the plot seems like it would be a sad and serious show…it has a lot of comedy and wow moments. Great show!


Ya’ll already know how I feel about this one. It ranked the #1 spot in my Top 10 Anime Recommendation List. It’s a classic anime that follows a boy named Naruto through his ninja journey of friendship, betrayal and determination to become the Hokage! 10/10!

What Happened To Monday

My boyfriend showed me this one and it is based in a society where a family can only have one kid. One woman gives birth to Septuplets (7 kids that are twins.) They are named the days of the week and each of them gets to go outside on the same day as their name. They all take on one identity, Karen Settman. Then, Monday goes missing. Long story short, you find out pretty quick what happens and I was prepared for a story where you wouldn’t know until the end. Great concept but not the greatest movie.

Spider-man: Homecoming

Eeeek! I’m stoked for the upcoming Avengers movie. My family, my boyfriend and I all watched this movie together. I have already seen it but they hadn’t. It was a great movie and really showcased that if a super hero relies on all the fancy suits/technology…then he isn’t worthy to be one.

What Have I Been Listening To

Posts This Month

  1. A Letter to Myself
  2. 10 Goals for March
  3. Unboxing – The Pill Club
  4. 12 Nail Looks for 2019
  5. I Tried 5 Dating Apps So You Don’t Have To (Alternatives to Tinder)
  6. 5 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging
  7. How to Be More Likable
  8. How I Got My Pet – Story Time

Honorable Mentions

My best friend Reanna’s Birthday passed!!! I love you so much and it’s only one more year til you’re 21!!!! I can’t wait!

My other best friend Dunesia’s Birthday is coming!!! You have been my friend for almost 4 years now and I am so grateful for that!! Happy future 20th!

That’s all I have for you today! As we say goodbye to March I am so excited to say hello to Spring! I love all the pastel colors this season brings and the sunshine we get in Arizona as well! I hope your March treated you well, thanks for reading!

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What was your favorite part about March?

What music did you listen to this month?

What shows & movies did you watch?

What were your goals? Did you achieve them?

52 thoughts on “What Happened to March?

    1. Yeah, I’m hoping so too! And it is such a good show, I just finished all of the episodes on Netlifx, I’m itching for the next season. Haha. Thanks for reading!


  1. It is so important to set goals and then actually fo back and recap to make sure you are hitting the mark. Great accomplishments in March! And I am 100% with you, I have no idea where the first quarter of 2019 went.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you, as I started writing my goals out I was like “wow, I totally could’ve gotten this accomplished” It’s great reflection. Thanks for reading!


  2. My to-do list almost never gets done. I really need to with the goals instead. I love it! I’m so glad you got some much done even though you still need a cat collar.

    Liked by 1 person

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