12 Nail Looks for 2019

I absolutely love getting my nails done. It’s a way to pamper yourself, feel more confident and can make quite a statement. I have compiled 12 different nails looks that I absolutely adore. Plus, they’ll get you through the entire year! Let’s take a look!

Pretty & Simple (Great for work, graduations & formal events)

I am a sucker for simple and neutral color nails. They can be elegant, professional and very cute in numerous different settings. The first picture has a pink to white ombré color with jewels on the base of the ring finger, the nails are coffin shaped. The second picture has a natural pink serving as the main color with a gold painted ring finger, coffin shaped also. The third picture has a light pink color across all of the nails and a clear coat mixed with silver sparkles on the ring finger. This look gives off the most natural look due to them being almond shaped.

Pop of Color (Great for holidays, Spring & Fall)

I mainly find myself doing more color during early spring, I think that’s because Easter is just around the corner so there is no shortage of bright and pastel colors. The first picture has a pastel purple for the main color and a completely silver ring finger in a coffin shape. The second picture has a sky blue color as the main color with a completely silver ring finger. This shape is also almond, but due to the length you might also refer to them as just “round”. The third picture is by far my favorite. It is a pastel green color on all of the nails, and instead of changing the color of the ring finger it simply has an added design of white flowers.

Bold & Designed (Great for events, parties & vacations)

Sometimes I find myself looking to try something new! Generally that means a color that grabs attention or adding design/s to my nails. The first picture has a bright pink color for the main color with the ring finger being a very sparkly purple color, and they are all almond shaped. The second picture is a little more tricky. To start, they are coffin shaped with a basic pink color serving as the base. On the pink finger/pointer finger & thumb there are two gold stripes towards the top, and on the ring/middle finger there is a marble look completed with black & gold. (Zoom to see the detail) The third picture is also a little bit different than you might be used to seeing. On the pinky/pointer finger & thumb we have a pink to white ombre color, then on the ring finger it is painted a light gold color and on the middle finger there is a classic marble look.

Deep Colors (Good for Summer, late Fall, Winter and holidays)

I only tend to use darker colors like the ones above towards the end of summer and late fall/winter. The first picture’s main color is a deep sparkly red color and on the ring finger is a gold color. If you look closely you can also see a black spider web painted over the ring finger. The second picture has the thumb, middle/pinky finger are the only nails with a deep sparkly red color. The pointer finger is a basic pink color with a silver stripe down the middle, with 3 added jewels going up the base of it. The ring finger is a sparkly pink color to pull it all together. The third picture is actually a reddish brown color as the main color and the ring finger is a very light (almost see through) glittery pink.

Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “12 Nail Looks for 2019

  1. I am crazy about vamp nails! The oxblood red, blood orange and black are my ultimate fall colors. But white nails are my fave during other season, so the white ombré is my choice from the list.


  2. Nice designs! I wish I could have that long nails but seriously how do people manage to write on a keyboard with them??


  3. I like the pretty & simple ones, though a pop of color once in a while also feels good…though can’t have long nails right now with a young kid to care for.
    – Nandita


  4. i personally like those pop color nails, calming , simple yet classy styles and that really gives of some vibes for sumer spring


  5. Those were a very lovely design. Each look has its own appeal to me. But if I have to choose one it would be pretty and simple.


  6. Oooh love these looks and the colours! Perfect for this season! I wish I could stop biting my nails and grow them!


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