Unboxing – The Pill Club

Welcome to my first ever Unboxing Post! I have been wanting to do one of these for a while, but I had to wait until I got all of the goodies from my monthly package. Luckily it’s just in time for International Women’s Day. Now that they are all here, it’s time to officially UNBOX!

For those of you that don’t know, The Pill Club is a convenient way for women to gain access to birth control. If you’re a guy, this might not interest you too much..but the whole idea behind it is still an empowering read. This company was started by medical professionals and software engineers who advocate for women’s health. Their whole goal is to provide women access to a wide variety of birth control methods. They understand the barriers that exist that can prevent women from receiving birth control.

For example, Planned Parenthood faces opposition every single day. Here are some of the statistics on how they benefit the public. They helped around 2.4 million patients in the last year alone (60% of those rely on health care programs like Medicaid), and provided 9.7 million services in total. Some would include over 4 million STI Treatment & Testing, Providing Birth Control Information and Services to over 2 million people (402 thousand Unintended pregnancies averted as a result), over 57 thousand Breast Exams and Pap Tests, and not to mention they detected early cancer and identified abnormalities for about 70 thousand women. WOW!

You would think after reading that, more people would support them. Unfortunately that is not the case. In fact, several of my friends who go to Planned Parenthood to only get STD screenings and birth control experience push back. They generally have to be escorted inside due to people outside trying to convince them not to go in or to shame them. I don’t know about you, but that is something I never want to go through. Not to mention they are constantly under threat of being de-funded because they offer abortions (which aren’t even funded by the government anyways.) Whether you agree or don’t with abortions, you should agree that women deserve easily accessible and affordable reproductive health care.

That is why services like The Pill Club are extremely valuable to women like me. Now, while that little PSA was definitely fitting for this post…it’s time for the fun stuff. Shipped. Delivered. Opened!

Birth Control (Duh..)

I used to get my birth control through my OBGYN and honestly….I was never consistent with it. Not because I didn’t want to take it but because when my prescriptions were close to running out, it was a hassle to order them through the pharmacy. I also had to be overly cautious of what it might cost me. The great thing about The Pill Club is that they have over 100 brands to choose from and it automatically ships out refills without you even needing to request it. I also really appreciate the fact that they have the ring and patch available as alternatives to the pill.

Protection & Emergency Contraception

I’m sure you have been told over and over to practice safe sex. No? Okay, then consider this the talk. They send regular condoms in their monthly package as well as female condoms. They recognize that abstinence is not the only solution to safe sex. I love it. Oh, I also receive emergency contraceptive pills (Plan B). Whether you have insurance or not, you can add these to your package. Did I mention they don’t cost $50 either? It’s way less and by far the thing that impresses me the most because it offers that extra peace of mind.

Extra Goodies!

In every package you get chocolate and really cute stickers….guaranteed! In previous months I have also received different kinds of lube, tampons and even tea. I’m not a fan of the chocolate if I’m being honest, and yet I eat it anyways. But, I am a huge fan of the stickers. They are always positive, quirky and adorable! I mean come on…look at that little Corgi butt. ❤

Now I know what you might be thinking. Sure I can get it easily, but how will I know what’s right for me? Even if you get your birth control online, you should still always get check ups and see your OBGYN like normal. But The Pill Club offers professionals that can make you a prescription, answer any questions and provide health advice through text! Yes, you don’t even have to call. Of course you can, but what is this? 2010? They will also ensure you can self educate with these cute little pamphlets.

Love Note from TPC

At the end of the day, I’m sure there’s one thing many of you are wondering about. How much does it cost? It will differ from person to person, but The Pill Club does not require for you to have insurance. I am fortunate enough to have health insurance and I get everything in my package for free. Yup, you heard me right. F-r-e-e. But on the off chance you are between insurances or just don’t have any at all, a majority of people only pay around $15-$16 to get these packages (3 month supply of BC.) No more paying $20 for a 21 day supply!

All right, that does it for my Unboxing Post! I hope you all enjoyed it! Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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31 thoughts on “Unboxing – The Pill Club

  1. That is a lot of things. birth control is really an issue right now so being sensitive in this issue is important. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. wow-that’s an intense program! I’ve definitely never heard of this, but I’m glad that there is an option for those who are unable to easily have access to birth control. I live in Canada, and we do have to pay for birth control out of pocket if you don’t have extended coverage from an employer. It’s usually around $10-$15 a month for the pill.

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    1. Yeah, that’s how it is most of the time here as well. Except it’s just getting harder and more expensive to get it. I would look into similar programs to see if they have any in Canada. Thanks for reading!


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