10 Goals for March

Lately, I have been feeling a bit down about my life and where it’s headed. This feeling comes about 3-5 times a year. I have found the best way to conquer that feeling is to start setting short term goals for myself. So let’s kick off this month by setting some!

Buy A Collar and Name Tag for My Cat

I had bought a collar for him when he was a kitten, but it’s one that clips together. I would like one that connects via a “buckle” or something more secure. He always pulls it off so I have completely given up on putting it on him. I would also like to get an engraved name tag for him, especially now that he is also a little bit of an outdoor cat. Just in case!

File for a Passport

My mom and step dad have planned a trip out of the country in June, and in order to go I will be needing a passport. Duh. The trip sounds like its very far out but they take about 6 weeks to get after filing. My goal is to get it done sometime this week. They have been reminding me nonstop over text and honestly, it’s been very motivating. Not only will it put my parents minds to rest but mine as well. The worst thing would be not having it close to the vacation date.

Complete 2 Weeks of My Morning Routine Challenge

I am changing up my Morning Routine for 30 days. I want to live a better lifestyle and I think part of that has to do with how I start my day. So far I am only on day 2..but I am hoping I can do 10 consecutive work days. Of course I would like to be able to do the full 30 days, but I’m sure there will be morning’s where I fall a little short. 10 consecutive days…that’s all I’m asking!

Spend $150 less on Eating Out

So far I feel like I am off to a great start. I bought groceries for a little under $100. Normally I end up spending about $250 on eating out (per paycheck…yikes!) I rarely cook and I waste a lot of money by doing that. I would like to cook more of my meals and knock off at least $150. This will make it way easier to save and set me up for financial success.

Enroll for School

This is something I have had a pretty hard time doing. I’m not sure why, but it makes me really anxious just thinking about it. I have already sent in my transcripts to get approved but I would like to go there and meet with an academic adviser to get the ball rolling. My main hindrance has been the overwhelming choice of deciding what I am going to do the rest of my life. Not only that, I want something that will benefit me as well. (Financially and emotionally…lol)

Learn How to Use Pinterest with My Blog

I have seen a lot of other bloggers use Pinterest to help boost their blogs. I think it’s something that would be beneficial but I need to research a little more into it. I would like to make my boards ahead of time and get everything set up before I launch it right away. That way I won’t have to keep starting over on it. I also need to learn how to incorporate my pins into my actual blog posts.

Have a Total of 15 Drafted Blog Posts

I recently started planning out my blog posts. That means that everyday, more or less, I draft at least one blog post. This helps a lot because I only post twice a week. It basically gives me an archive for me to pick from, this way I’m not overwhelmed with not having enough content to post. I would like to have an archive of at least 15. Currently I have about 5, this definitely seems like an achievable goal.

Start Learning the Basics for SEO

Search Engine Optimization basically affects the way I gain natural traffic from search engines. Often times that has to do with keywords and sometimes coding. I would like to look into some beginners information, it’s definitely not something I will master in a month. However, knowing the basics would be a really good step in the right direction for me.

Reach 1,000 views

Last month I had a total of 736 views and 333 visitors on my site. Honestly, my blog had never even peaked past 400 views until last month. Seeing the progress I have made has motivated me to put more faith in my blog’s success. I believe, truly, that I can reach 1,000 views this month. I am going to work super hard for it and I hope every month after to gain more traction. I am so grateful for all of the people that helped me get this far by reading and I can’t wait to get more support from you all. 🙂

Buy A Camera

So, I am hoping to achieve this goal by the end of the month, but it depends on some of my finances. Realistically, I am hoping to be able to buy a camera by the beginning of next month. The reason this goal is in March is because I will be looking into the best camera for my needs and saving a majority of my money for it this month.

These are the goals I have set for March, I definitely believe I’ll be able to achieve all of them if I put my mind to it. What’s that saying? Put out into the world what you want to receive? Yeah, that sounds right. Well…here it is world!

What are your goals for this month? Share them with me in the comments!

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29 thoughts on “10 Goals for March

  1. I hear you, there’s always a “to do” list it seems! As far as the blog goes, congrats on increasing viewership. I follow a lot of “How to Blog” type blogs and listen to some great podcasts if you’re interested. Pinterest is super easy. If you go to my site and scroll to the bottom of any of my posts, that’s my pin for Pinterest and its honestly my biggest driver for traffic to my blog. Check it out and feel free to email me with questions! http://www.thesweetestescapes.com

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  2. There are so many wonderful goals here! Getting a passport is a lot of paperwork but it literally opens up the world to you. Congratulations on the growth of your blog! I’m sure those numbers will continue to grow.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is such a tedious and herculean goals in a month, I love the determination you’ve putting into this. Keep up this very productive way of doing things.

    Liked by 1 person

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