My Morning Routine – 30 Day Challenge

While researching topics to blog about, I found this one. It seemed pretty simple and one that would be fun to share with you guys. But as I was looking at other people’s morning routine posts, I realized one very important thing: My morning routine was basic and did not provide any benefits to my lifestyle. So to take it up a notch, I am going to be completing a 30-day morning routine challenge!

A friend I had a couple years ago always used to start getting ready 2 hours before she actually had to head out anywhere. Yes, this also included the morning. I remember being shocked by this, mainly because I have always been a “to the minute” kind of person. What do I mean by that? I mean that I know exactly how long it takes to do my makeup, hair and get dressed. I then use that information to determine what time I will wake up and if everything goes perfectly, which it never does, I’ll leave right on time. Most mornings I’m either barely making it out of the door on time or I’m running a couple minutes late.

The Benefits

There has been a ton research on how routines help you become more successful. The most successful people are generally the ones who get up earlier and make more out of their morning routines. They realize that time is very valuable and having a morning routine gives them two major benefits.

  1. They allow you to start the day in a better mental space. When you aren’t rushing and allow yourself to do things like eat breakfast, listen to positive affirmations or even exercise you are starting the day off with little to no stress.
  2. As the day goes on you’ll find you have more energy than usual to perform the tasks that matter most. Not only that, but having more energy will allow you to truly focus and conquer them.

My Current Morning Routine:

Looking at my morning routine, I can almost feel the rush that I have while getting ready. I only recently started making my bed every morning and I try to leave everything put together before racing out the door. While I’m proud of that small accomplishment, I realize that this morning routine does not quite set my day up for success. I believe that I can do better for myself and become more successful in my everyday life just by making a few changes.

My Morning Routine Goal:

I know that this will not happen perfectly and there will be a few set backs along the way. But, I am excited to start this morning routine, hopefully I can turn it into a habit and then it won’t become so grueling. This past month I have been really looking at my life and I want to start making some changes to it. Changes that will help me feel happier, accomplish more and give me confidence to take some bigger leaps going forward.

I will be completing more challenges like this in the future. That means that my blog will have a new segment! But, for this challenge I will be giving updates on Saturday to recap how the week went! Stay tuned, the challenge start date is Monday, March 4th! I will also be posting on various social media accounts to hold myself accountable, so make sure to follow me!

What’s your morning routine? Comment below and if you have any other advice I’d love to hear it!

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4 thoughts on “My Morning Routine – 30 Day Challenge

  1. I love this Brie and this has become a big habit for me. My mornings are for me time and that is when I do my best thinking.

    My Routine:
    5:30 Wake Up
    5:40 Make Snacks and Shake for the day
    6:00 Eat Breakfast watch a little news
    6:15 Play with Milo (Sugar Glider)
    6:30ish Stretch and Do Workout
    7:10 Take Shower and get ready for work
    7:40 leave for work (I live very close to

    I always feel better when I do this routine and when I get my workouts done in the AM, I also sleep better at night!

    Interested to see how it goes for you:)

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    1. Wow! Thats a pretty good routine! I haven’t quite added working out to mine just yet, I’m gonna try just getting up first! Haha that’s gonna be challenge enough. I’m so excited to try it out! Thanks for sharing yours. πŸ™‚


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  3. Hello! My name is Anna Grey. I am 11 years old. I live in London. Everyday, I get up at 9.00 am. Then, I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Later, I get dressed and, when my mom tells me that the coffee is ready, I have breakfast. I like my coffee with some cream and sugar. After having breakfast, I play ” Fortnite” for 2 hours πŸ˜€. When the school bus arrives, I go to school. When I come back home from school, I drink tea and I eat some cookies. An hour later, I do exercise on my stationary bike. Then, I take a shower. At 9.00 am, I have dinner with my family. Next, I do my homework. At 11.00 pm, I go to bed and I fall asleep 😁


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