My Incredible & Unique Valentine’s Day!

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day has passed and we can all move on with our lives….just kidding! I promise, after this, no more “mushy gushy” or “love is in the air” posts. But I wanted to share with you how my most memorable Valentine’s Day went down!

So I have spent a total of 3 Valentine’s Days with a significant other. 2 out of the 3 were pretty awful. So I just stopped caring if someone did anything special for me on V-Day, even if I was in a relationship. Personally, I didn’t want to feel let down or make anyone feel guilty for not doing anything. However, this Valentine’s Day was honestly amazing. It wasn’t due to gifts (as adorable as they were) or dinner plans, but it was because I was surrounded by loving people. But it would be unfair of me not to share with you guys the highlights of the night!

❤ Gifts ❤

So, like a day before Valentine’s Day I asked him if we were getting each other gifts or anything. Sounds like a dumb question, but we hadn’t talked about it at all! Of course, being the amazing man that he is, he was one step ahead. He got me a teddy bear that says “My Heart Is Yours”. It’s for when he isn’t able to snuggle with me, I can use the bear in his absence. Love it! The bear was surrounded by my faorite chocolates, Kit Kats & Crunch chocolate!!! Boy am I gonna be eating those. He also got me the most meaningful card and yes, it does say it all!

My step mom also got me this mug with chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. The plan later in the evening was to make S’mores! Funny enough we never got around to that, but a gifts a gift and I can now make S’mores anytime!

❤ Dinner ❤

My family has made Lobster a couple times in the past for V-Day, so I guess you could call it a bit of a tradition. Both my brother and I invited our “Valentine’s” over to celebrate! This was the first time I had ever had dinner with a girl my brother was seeing, her name was Cora and she was really sweet! We posed with the Lobsters below, RIP. ❤

To start, we had to pick out our Lobsters. My brother had named most of them already but the fan favorite was Jimmy. (The one I was holding.) In the first photo, where Derrick is holding the Lobster over my head, it was a little too close. I could feel its little legs touching the back of my head…yikes! Once the photo was taken, I removed myself from that situation immediately. But of course it was funny to everyone else.

And then dinner was served! So, being the amazing blogger that I am I completely forgot to take pictures of the dinner and the dessert. The Lobster was accompanied by some salad and linguine noodles that had this nice cheese sauce on them. (Insider secret: some taco seasoning was added to give a little more flavor as well to the noodles.) My brother is a pro at eating Lobster so he educated the whole table on how to eat them, step by step. It was very sweet.

For Dessert my step mom got some awesome cupcakes from Fry’s. They weren’t normal size cupcakes, they were huge! They also looked really fancy and I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures. Sorry guys!

Overall, the night was incredible and I’m so glad I got to spend it with some of the people I love most! Huge shout out to my step mom for an amazing meal and also to Derrick for being the best I’ve ever had! I hope everyone enjoyed Valentine’s day, share with me how you celebrated down in the comments!

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