Should We Be Sharing Our Location in Relationships?

It’s 2019 and people are more connected than ever before. So much so, that not only can I watch an updated recap of someone’s life every 24 hours, I can even see where someone is at a given time. As progressive as that is, the question still stands, is this healthy for modern-day relationships?

When it comes to sharing your location with your boyfriend/girlfriend and them sharing it with you, people have a wide range of opinions. I’ve talked with several people about this and have compiled their responses. My hope is to give an unbiased opinion on whether location sharing is beneficial to a relationship or not.

Opinion from Friend #1:

“If you trust your partner I feel there’s no need to have to track them where they go. If I was simply asked to, it wouldn’t matter because who cares? What’s to hide? I would only really do it if she didn’t trust me for some reason and it made her feel better to see where I’m at. But once I’ve proved I can be trusted, then it should be turned off.”

Opinion from Friend #2:

“I think couple’s should do it if they’re comfortable with it. Some partners might feel a lack of trust if the other partner requires their location to be shared, but for some it can be a comfort thing. For me it’s comfort, but in the past the guys I shared it with lacked trust from the beginning. For my current relationship I feel almost no need to share locations because we regularly communicate where we are and what we are doing. Some people see sharing location as being clingy, controlling or obsessive but it just depends on the persons reasoning for it. Like me, they could just be the type of person who wants to make sure you made it somewhere safe… because the world is f***** up.”

Opinion from Friend #3:

“I think sharing a location can be both healthy and unhealthy depending on the person you’re dating. Me personally, I don’t have a problem with sharing it. I’d love to share everything and anything with my girlfriend. It could be used to build trust. Especially when something from a previous relationship affects they way your partner trusts in a current one. It isn’t always a bad thing, it just depends on how you look at it. But overall, just communicate and love.”

Opinion from Friend #4:

“So it’s unhealthy if you use it in a bad way, (in a past relationship) if he would ignore me to hang with friends or not tell me what’s up I would see if he actually went there. One time we were both invited to a party and I told him we should go, but he didn’t want to. That same night he was supposed to pick me up from work but he didn’t show up. I asked him where he was and he said he was with his mom and he would be done soon. But once I checked his location it showed that he went to the party without me. It’s healthy if you’re not totally obsessed with seeing if they’re lying to you. I didn’t use it that much in the first place, but I was glad I had it at the time.”

Opinion from Friend #5:

“I’ve shared my location with my girlfriend for a long time. I rarely use it, but it’s good for emergencies. Like, for example, one of our friends got into a car accident late at night. (He) was stuck in his car for hours and is now paralyzed. If someone had access to his location and had seen he was in a weird area for 3 hours he might’ve gotten help earlier. In a relationship it just gives a peace of mind, which is always nice to give.”

My Opinion:

I have shared my location in 3 of my relationships. The first time it was a really unhealthy relationship. There was no trust and sharing our locations with each other made it worse. The second guy I dated turned my location on without my knowledge. To do it secretly made me feel like he was hoping to catch me doing something, when I wasn’t. In my current relationship we do share our locations with each other. We both mutually check it to see where the other is when we haven’t heard from each other for longer than usual. I’ll also check it to see if he made it to work and he’ll check it to see how close I am when I say I’m coming over. As long I have communication from someone and it doesn’t feel like its a method of control in the relationship, it’s not so bad.

So what’s the verdict? I think there are 3 key take-aways. The first is that if there is a lack of trust, sharing your location can make or break the entire relationship. If it’s only a means to trust your partner, then it’s probably not a good idea. But if it’s simply just to give them a peace of mind, then what’s the harm? Second, there should be enough communication between both people that sharing each other’s location won’t be the only means of knowing where someone is. Third, know yourself and your partner. For some couples, this works well and there aren’t any major issues with having the other persons location. For others, they know they will be the ones to take it too far and turn it into an unhealthy habit.

What’s your opinion on sharing your location with someone you’re dating? Leave a response down in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Should We Be Sharing Our Location in Relationships?

  1. Honestly I share mine w my bug and my best friend to me it’s a security thing if anything was to happen I’d be glad to know that atleast one person knows where I’m at or atleast last seen or vise versa

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