I Cut My Hair! (Shocking Reveal)

For months, no, years I have been complimented on how long and thick my hair was. It seemed like it was my identity. Every time I got a hair cut I made the same request, “Just a trim, please.” But that time has passed, and I am LIVING for my new cut!

The Before:

That was my signature look, and I felt comfortable in what I knew best. Long hair looked good on me, and my body type. I was not comfortable enough to step out of my comfort zone and change my hairstyle. When I was a teenager I died my hair a bunch of different colors and experimented with length, but in my adult years all I was worried about was that I would regret changing it. I wasn’t ready to let go of the Brie I was so used to, and it was hard to embrace the concept “It’s just hair! It’ll grow back.”

For the past year, I have considered cutting my hair shorter on several occasions. In the beginning it was only a passing thought, but as we inched closer to 2019 I was telling the people closest to me I wanted to do it more and more. They were supportive and encouraged me to do it, I just had to step out of the imaginary box I had placed around myself. Three days ago I went to dinner with my best friend and I brought up cutting my hair…again. She basically told me to woman up and just do it already.

The next day I started looking up salons, trying to make sure I didn’t go somewhere that would leave me regretting the cut. I have had my haircut several times at Floyd’s 99 Barbershop when I lived in Colorado. However, I hadn’t fallen in love with one in Arizona yet. Even still, I looked up one of their locations in Scottsdale and booked an appointment. For those of you that haven’t been to Floyd’s Barbershop, I strongly recommend going there for your next haircut! They work on men and women, the atmosphere is not like most ‘stuffy’ salons and you still get professional stylists who give quality cuts. They literally have it all. Trust me.


When I got to my appointment, my heart was racing. I was so worried that I’d hate the cut, or that my stylist wouldn’t help me figure out the perfect look. All I knew was there was so much that could go wrong. My stylist’s name was Landree, honestly I was even more nervous because I had never had a guy do my hair. But the experience was amazing from the second I sat down in the chair. I showed him a picture of the length I was looking for and he collaborated with what I wanted to make sure it would look great. Once the cutting began I became more relaxed in my decision to cut it. Our conversations were natural & funny, he showed me what it looked like at different points to make sure I was comfortable and was the best hype man at the same time. I have definitely found the go-to person when it comes to my hair.

Originally I just wanted to cut my hair shorter, and that was a pretty drastic decision for me. But as Landree worked on my hair he threw out a suggestion that changed the game. He suggested that I get some ‘wispy bangs’. Now I have had bangs in the past, and let me tell you, I looked like Dora the damn Explorer. When I told him that, he assured me that these would be “Grown woman bangs.” and not kiddy cartoon bangs. Oh-ho! I was sold and I trusted his judgement because he was very honest with me from the beginning of how it would look. Honestly? Best decision ever.

The Big Reveal:

Ahhhh!! As I walked out of the salon, I felt like a whole new person. My confidence was boosted 10 full points and one of my friends even joked that I needed a new name to match my new look. It was clear, this wasn’t the same ole’ Brie. This was the New & Improved Brie, the Unstoppable Brie…the Fierce & Sexy Brie! Honestly, words don’t give justice to how great I felt afterwards. Again, I want to thank my stylist Landree for the amazing cut and experience. If you ever find yourself debating a major style change over and over, just go for it!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

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21 thoughts on “I Cut My Hair! (Shocking Reveal)

  1. Your new haircut looks amazing and it does change your appearance so much. I have long hair and I didn’t have yet the courage to cut it more than just a few inches at a time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Iโ€™ve had the same long hair as i did when I was a kid. Iโ€™ve never experimented with my hair. Iโ€™ve thought about cutting it to a lob style but I canโ€™t do it yet! Iโ€™m glad you had the confidence to try something new! It looks great on you!

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    1. It’s funny because when I went in he assumed the reason I was cutting it was due to a break up. haha it’s definitely not uncommon for women to be scared to change up their look!


  3. I can’t imagine that I could get away with wearing this hairstyle but it looks really good on you! I’m always afraid of trying a new style.


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