Saying Goodbye to my 1st Apartment!

On January 25th, 2018 I moved into my first ever apartment! I earned the right to live by my own rules and finally claim the independence I had wanted for years. Nearly one year later I am moving out of that very same apartment and it’s truly a bittersweet goodbye!

The weekend I moved into my apartment I was so excited. Luckily, my mom flew in from Colorado to help me move. My dad and step mom also helped, we had to lift and carry stuff up three flights of stairs! (My Advice: Don’t move to a third story apartment.) Once everything was unpacked, the walls were decorated and everything was set up…it felt like an actual home! I was so excited to finally live on my own. See below what it looked like!

I think the best part about flying solo was that I could have friends over whenever I wanted. That was a blast. We would have dinner nights with plenty of wine, we binged Netflix all day with no one else around and more! That was great, I also got to experience what dating was like living on my own. It was definitely different but it also had a bit more freedom to it. I could honestly invite whoever I wanted whenever I wanted. But I always made sure to be safe and cautious with visitors. Make sure you do the same!

On that note, I would say that the worst thing I experienced living on my own was a sense of loneliness. I had lived with my family up until this point so it was weird to experience times where it was literally just me living there. But, to fix that I ended up getting a cat! Yay! My little furry boy is happier than ever and I know he will keep me company no matter what. It also helped that I got to experience what living on my own was like while being in a relationship. It felt much more mature and like I was actually building towards my future on a completely different level than I was used to. To say the least, the loneliness that I would feel never lasted too long. Here are some memories I wanted to share as well!

What’s my next step? It’s still pending! I’m moving back into my parents house for a little to save some money and start school. At the moment, I am looking for roommate/s to plan for a future place. As much as I loved living on my own, I know that at this age it is more practical to live with others. Besides, I don’t have to live like I’m 40 in my 20’s. I want to enjoy my youth for as long as possible and ensure I set myself up for success. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on my next big move and thank you for your support!

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35 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to my 1st Apartment!

  1. It can be hard to let go of a place you’ve lived in, thanks to the amazing memories that you had there! I hope your new place is just as much fun, and you make countless more incredible memories. 🙂

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  2. So smart to move back in with your parents and save money. I know living on your own is so awesome, but enjoy those times with them, and enjoy saving money!

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  3. I loved reading this! It reminded me when I first moved into my first place / then moved out! You also have a great view towards growing up, I have no doubt you’re going to go far!

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  4. It’s good to get out and dip your toe in the pond. It’s also smart to work your finances with your education. In this instant world it is ok to take a little time to set yourself up right and give yourself the best opportunity for success.

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  5. That is a spacious apartment based on the video you have shared. Good luck on your new home, I always wanted the same thing – to have my own condo but in my situation right now, I need to share the space because I still can’t afford it- maybe someday.Hope you’ll have great time with your new space.

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    1. I think most people have that same issue. It’s hard to get your own spot so young, and it’d definitely more ideal to save by splitting costs with other people. Oh, and the apartment was very spacious…surprisingly haha.


  6. Great post! I lived in two apartments while in college, I loved it looking back. They were little cheap apartments that most of the students rented. It was an experience

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    1. When I first moved into my apartment I felt that same feeling. That its more for the experience than anything. Because it wasn’t really nice or anything and there were tons of issues while living there. But overall I’m still so thankful that I did it.


  7. Saying goodbye to your first place is so bittersweet, it will always be the best of some of your memories. We originally moved back with my husband’s mother to save money too, we converted the garage into an apartment and my kids are lucky enough to now have 5 archers to run around and play on.

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  8. There is no place like home and if I were in your shoes, I think I could not ever leave a place where i have lot of memories. But of course, there’s a lot of opportunities we need to choose.

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    1. Yeah, I lived on the top floor, It happened to be the third floor. I never had any neighborly sounds come through but idk if I would move to the top floor again. ugh, such a tough decision!


  9. It’s great that you at experienced living on your own for a little bit. I definitely enjoyed my own freedom and independence when I finally moved out though I did experience some of what you were feeling. All the best as you save and continue to navigate what works best for you!


  10. Be careful living with a roommate too. Some seem like they would be great because you are friends. I learned through hands on experience that good friends don’t make good roommates. Best of luck.


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