10 Facts About Myself

Like most people, I have a bunch of quirks that make me unique, I have likes/dislikes that spark controversy, irrational fears and so on. So I figured I would make this post to hit some of the things people find so fascinating about me.

Fact #1: I don’t like pizza.

Now this fact is always the most interesting to share with people. Most immediately tell me that its because I haven’t had “the right” pizza. Some haze me like I am the most evil person in the world. How did I come to hate pizza? No clue. Last photo I have eating pizza is one when I was about 5 or 6 at a Chuck e Cheese’s. I don’t even remember that moment so something traumatic definitely happened there…

Fact #2: I am extremely scared of the dark.

No really, I know I’m an adult now and I should not have this fear. I’m specifically scared of what COULD be in the dark. I have a very hyperactive imagination and this causes me to imagine everything from The Grudge to zombies to a random monster with 5 red eyes and four legs. Do I own a nightlight? No, I don’t. I just sleep with the bathroom light on. 🙂

Fact #3: I almost never fold my laundry.

I like to think that I have most of my life together. I’m financially responsible, I am an overachiever in my work, I am intelligent and so on… but I hate folding laundry. I know…I know! I should, I tell myself to do it allllll the time but before I know it I already need to wash my clothes again and the cycle just repeats itself.

Fact #4: I love anime!

Most people I meet don’t automatically guess that I’ve seen well over 30 anime’s, but I have. I started watching anime when I was in my early teen years. I go through phases where I will watch nothing but anime to watching everything except anime. It really just depends. My top favorites include Naruto, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Fruits Basket (they’re remaking it for 2019!!!!!), HunterxHunter, One Punch Man, Black Butler, and several others.

Honorable Mention: My best friend got me a Naruto Wallet for Christmas!!!

Fact #5: I listen to a Korean Pop Band called BTS.

Sooooooo….here’s the thing. You remember how I said I go through phases of watching anime? Well, I also go through phases with listening to BTS. I get these moods every now and again where the music being put out by hip/hop & pop artists just isn’t doing it for me anymore. So you know what I do? I pick up my BTS playlist, which by the way consists of like the same 12 songs, and I will listen to them on repeat for days….sometimes weeks. It’s my secret pleasure.

Fact #6: I believe in astrology.

Yes, I am that person that asks you “What’s your sign?” upon first meeting you. When I was younger, I would say 8 years old, my mom gave me this green book about zodiac signs. I was immediately convinced it was real when several personality traits applied to me. I’ve been hooked ever since and honestly, it applies to most people I meet.

Fact #7: I always have to be right.

This is by far my least favorable quality but its true. I am a strong believer in my opinions and when others disagree I fight tooth and nail to get them to see mine and agree. It is a STRUGGLE to get me to admit that I am wrong. At least in my personal life that is.

Fact #8: I’m a picky eater.

Okay, this is going to sound super stupid to so many people. I have been ridiculed about this since I can remember. I’m not necessarily picky about food because of the taste, for me its about texture. Example: I love corn, but if you put corn in my mashed potatoes I’ll basically gag because of the texture. I survive off of pasta, chicken wings and salsa anyways so its fine.

Fact #9: I have a dominant personality but am far from dominant when it comes to my relationships.

To my friends, I am the alpha (most of the time). I take the lead and have a very strong presence. But, when it comes to my romantic relationships I’m that total opposite. It’s very weird because my friends see me as this strong girl who eats the head off of men when in reality I’m a huge baby in a relationship and super mindful of my partners.

Fact #10: My cat is my favorite living creature.

This was actually provided by my best friend and I love the way she worded it. Honestly, its so true. I don’t think I can go a day without mentioning how much I love my cat. I definitely can’t go a week without posting my cat at least 3 times either. God I love him.

Anyways…that’s 10 facts about me! I hope you enjoyed and remember if you ever want anything similar like this to be posted, please go and make a suggestion. As always, thanks for reading!

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