Celebrating My 21st in Vegas! – Chapter 3

What is a trip to Las Vegas if you don’t see any of the shows!?

Since I have been back from Vegas, the question I am asked most about the trip is this: “Did you see any shows?” Hello again and welcome back to my blog! I completely slacked and was unable to post every other day like I had promised everyone. Forgive me! However, the silver lining in that is now I have plenty to share with you since I was so busy. In today’s post I am going to do a review on the shows that I saw in Vegas!!!


First of all, let me start by saying that Cirque du Soleil shows are always outstanding because of the skill of the performers. If you have ever seen one of their shows, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, then I would highly encourage you to visit their website [Cirque du Soleil] to learn more about what they do. If you can, try and see a show as well!

Warning: If you are not comfortable with your more sensual side, don’t have an open mind to different sexuality preferences or if you prefer intimate things be left in the bedroom, then this show probably isn’t for you.


Personally, none of that has been a problem for me. So let me be the first to say this show was HOT. It is an 18+ show but it wasn’t too overbearing. I felt that all of the sexual scenes were in excellent taste and it did not just stop there. It is also a very comedic show which lightened the atmosphere in between the acts. On top of that, there was a lot of crowd interaction as well. As for the venue, it is the perfect size! There were really no bad seats in the house and you didn’t have to worry about feeling overcrowded either.

The performers either had on lingerie or they were topless during the performances. The one thing I was very impressed by is that the performers were all very different. There were quite a few different body types and it wasn’t all about making everyone fit this cookie cutter mold of sexy. To me that made the show very genuine to what that sensual side of us can actually be like! Sex will never be a one size fits all kind of thing, and the show captured that beautifully.


Overall, this show was my favorite one out of all of them. Since it is a bit of an older show as well, the tickets won’t cost you an arm and leg! What a plus! If you are in Vegas and would like to see a show, this is a great one to see!

Official Trailer of Zumanity! <– LINK

The Variety Show

The one thing I can say about this show is that it is definitely a ‘diamond in the rough’ kind of show. Compared to a show like Cirque du Soleil, this is definitely a few steps below as far as quality. However the acts were pretty talented individually.

Acts of the show:


The Crazy Gauchos – This duo were the real father and son combo. They are comedians who also play the drums. Essentially they would compete against each other by drumming. Entertaining to say the least.


Louri and Gabor – Jeez. These two could definitely be with the Cirque. The incredible balance that they have is mind blowing. There was even one time where one of them was balancing on the other’s head by palming it! Talk about ridiculous neck strength!


Russ Merlin – He was a comedian who mainly dabbled with prop jokes. His entertainment is mainly based on pulling 4 audience members on stage and playing off of them. Some good laughs came from that!


The Quiddlers – These guys were way too funny! Their physical comedy was definitely childlike fun! I enjoyed it.


The Skating Aratas – This couple was last and it kind of freaked me out to watch them. They did some insanely high-risk tricks while on skates, mind you, on a very small circular platform. I was on edge because I kept thinking that something was going to go wrong, but it was very impressive!


Out of all of those acts, there was really one performer that stood out to me. The host! His name is Wally and he gave me a ‘knock off George Lopez’ vibe. He was funny and the jokes made were self humiliating a lot of the times. Not to mention he is also one heck of a juggler! I would definitely watch him perform on his own!

The show as a whole definitely had a lot of variety, hence its name. I definitely don’t think it is a show I would see again, unfortunately. During the performance it felt like they had to keep going the extra mile to get the crowd engaged. It was even stated at one point that if the crowd was not as interactive it wouldn’t be a good show. I personally like a show that can keep my engagement without forcing it. It’s a decent show to pass the time in Vegas, so I’m not totally opposed to recommending it. Just keep in mind it won’t be one of those shows you remember for the rest of your life.

The Blue Man Group

Now I am sure most people have heard of this group and know the kind of performance they put on. I had never been to one of their shows but I was really excited to watch them perform. One of the things that really captures my attention with the group is that they play music and incorporate this neon paint! How cool is that!?


Honestly, the guys are a little scary to look at up close. But other than that, the show is very interactive. They gave us rolls of streamer paper to decorate ourselves with. They also came out into the audience numerous times. In fact, not only did they come into the audience, they were literally climbing over people’s chairs!

The lighting of the show was very bright mixed with a ton of colors. The band was phenomenal and really brought their acts together as well. However, this show would definitely appeal to a younger audience, in my opinion. It’s loud, disorganized, and has a lot of goofy comedy. I would have liked to see them playing the drums with paint more, instead they only did that about 2 times throughout the whole show.


If you are a family traveling in Vegas then this is definitely the show for you. Oh! After the show one of the people in the group stands outside so you can take a picture with him! That will definitely be a shot worth getting!

The Blue Man Group Performs! <– LINK

There are always some amazing shows in Las Vegas, but not all of them are going to completely wow you. Part of the experience, in my opinion, is to see as many of them as you can. Whether they are phenomenal shows or not, you have not experienced Las Vegas to its fullest if you don’t see any at all!

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