Celebrating my 21st In Vegas! – Chapter 2

In Las Vegas everyone knows it’s all about the gambling and the alcohol.

Hey guys! I’m trying to stay true to posting every other day like I promised! It’s a perfect time for a drink review!

Not sure what to drink? No worries! There are plenty of specials and suggestions to go around for miles. Earlier in the week, I asked for drink suggestions. Man did I get more than a few! Here are a couple that I have tried so far and how I felt about them.

This drink was pretty good! The waitress made it at our table and it definitely got me buzzing. Here’s my rating.

Flavor: Very smooth, until the bottom. That’s definitely a kick!

Strength: One drink will definitely get you buzzed.

Price: $11.00

Overall: 7/10

I got this one late at the hotels bar. It was a recommendation from the bartender and sounded pretty good.

Flavor: It was definitely tart! It was also made with sparkling rose in it.

Strength: This drink did not quite do it for me, I needed a shot just to get me buzzing after this drink.

Price: $14.00

Overall: 4/10

This was a fun one to get! Absolutely! Yes the cup lit up, and that’s the best part. But the drink itself was pretty good as well.

Flavor: It has a sweet taste but it was not overbearing! A very calm drink to sip and relax.

Strength: This drink is most likely so smooth because the amount of alcohol is not gonna get you going.

Price: $6/happy hour

Overall: 5/10

Man was this shot big! A lot bigger than I thought it would be. But maybe it’s just me!

Flavor: Very sweet. No chocolate sweet but kind of like hard candy sweet.

Strength: Mannnnnnn! If you want to get to that next buzz level. This is the one for you!

Price: $11/happy hour

Overall: 8/10

Thanks for following along so far! I will definitely upload more ratings. I will also have photos in the next post showcasing my time here!

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