Celebrating my 21st in Vegas! – Prologue

Did you know that the Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on Earth when looked at from outer space? That’s not too surprising, but only when you consider that it is estimated Las Vegas has 15,000 miles of neon lighting! Sheesh!

Now why am I giving you these facts about Las Vegas, you might ask? As most of you know I very recently turned 21 at the beginning of this month. On that very day I was promptly at the DMV to make sure there would be no delay in receiving my new ID. It was very important that I have it because I am going to take a 7 day vacation to Las Vegas to celebrate! How cliché, I know. Maybe that’s what makes me feel a little more excited.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” – Everyone ever


While that quote is a classic, it won’t really apply in this circumstance. I am going to have my very own travel blog section! For this trip I’ll share what I am packing, my first memorable experience in Vegas, to all the events that I go to  and more. I am going to share tons of stuff with you guys about my adventure. I will also be doing reviews on the food I get, the drinks I have and the venues I visit. There will be loads of pictures and I am still going to try and post every other day! (I’m hoping I don’t let you down.)

I am also looking to you guys to help me out a little along the way, no worries it won’t be anything too hard! Take a look below and help influence my trip to Vegas!! Anyone who recommends a drink, I can promise you that I will try it. Even if there are 50 suggestions! If you recommend a Casino, of course I will go and try a machine! Thinking of sending a dare? That will only make the experience more memorable!!Lastly, if you think there is something I need to do before leaving Vegas, suggest it in the last box and I will do my best to do it! I am so excited to share this with you all and I hope you enjoy the content that comes from it. Until then, the countdown is on!

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